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Ikaw Lamang April 1, 2014

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A must Ikaw Lamang April 1, 2014 Full Video Replay and Highlights is on the line. Beautiful scene for Samuel and Isabel that becomes more romantic as the story becomes better and better. I'm hook na to new Kim and Coco tandem. It is also a great to watch the role of Jake Cuenca as the antagonist of the story. It's a great time to watch the ikaw laman episode.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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I can see coco is so eager to kiss kim and he even hold her cheek para walang kawala. I never thought they'd be a perfect match for this seryƩ until they proved us wrong... great chemistry and great cast overall! Kilig to the bones ang KimCoco, ChiuCo, and Sambelle. Wow. I love historical dramas. Does anyone know which decade this drama is set in? Now that is high class drama! Can't wait of kim and coco tandem to make. It's so weird to see Coco and Julia not the main pair in a show. I could never believe Daniel would ever love another woman other than Katerina. It is IMPOSSIBLE! sigh but oh well. #WalangHanggan & Pangako Sa'yo still are the best so far. I'm going to watch this though, for Montes. I find her role interesting, for her.

The story of a Rich And The Poor Is Like The Distance Between Heaven And Earth, Friends Who Will Become Lovers Will Try To Defy All Odds. Samuel (Coco Martin), A Plantation Worker And Isabelle (Kim Chiu), A Haciendera Will Fall For Each Other And Start To Unravel The Secrets Of Their Families' Past. Malalagpasan Ba Ng Tunay Na Pag-Ibig Ang Oras At Sitwasyon Na Kanilang Kinabibilangan? Ikaw lamang 2014 starred by Coco Martin as Samuel, Kim Chiu as Isabelle Miravelez, Julia Montes as Monalisa "Mona" Roque, and Jake Cuenca as Franco Hidalgo only on ABS-CBN. In the world where everybody hates a happy ending story but not yet, this is just a beginning of the episode for you alone. What you will see in the scene, is the kissing scene of Kim Chiu and Coco Martin. The story and episode of ikaw lamang continually becomes better and better in every scene. Never speak too soon, people. You might be in for a surprise. Kim has always leveled up! Go Kim! I have faith in you! 

I want to watch this . Kim && Coco Seem Like They Won't Be A Good Pairing In A Teleserye . I Think They Should Have Paired Coco Or a Either Kim With Someone Else . Don't Get Me Wrong . They Both Act Great && Is Very Talented And All . But It Just Seem Like Hindi Sila Bagay . This Is Only A Preview They May Be A Good Pairing But Let Me Stand To Be Corrected If They Are Or Not . Just My Opinion . Funny how Julia was the leading lady before and now she's the 'other' lady here!! but this seems to be another hit!!Grabeh ang kilig!!!!!!!! Halos magtatalon na ako sa kilig ! The best ang team up na to parang kathniel kilig to the bones hehe hindi nagkamali ang abs na itambal si kim kay coco may chemistry sila! Nakakamatay sa kilig! More chiuco scenes pa! Almost magtatalon me to thrill! The best the team up to like kathniel thrill to the bones appearances do not mistake the ABS team coco kim they have chemistry! Threatening to thrill! More chiuco scenes yet!!

Video Replay Highlights:

Nice. I usually go to excite the trailers of the teleserye.
Hopefully not to Yung Hang typing to different characters, title, actors but same story / plot. Hmmm, that looks beautiful Hang i2, ah? done, the D2 Interestingly, I have d2 ung namesake character of Coco Martin (what a Coincidence!). Well, it's so nice newspapers reported reunite c Coco previously Nyang colleagues' Boys' (one of my favorite teleseryes) (Kim Chiu & Jake Cuenca) and ung you loveteam Nyang c Julia Montes of Eternal 'before they Hang. Well, I'm sure that the masses papatok i2 and i2 also be hit in the ratings. promise, I'll keep an eye really i2. Jake Cuenca looks weird was involved. Maybe Better Had enrique yun. Mestizo rich looking and you impair Kay Kim and julia Montes. Also weird that Kim and Coco the main cast? Seems chaotic mess. Better yet coco and julia Relative to the chaotic mix of abs mix loveteam. No thought seems to mind. I don't have anything against Kim, this is just an observation. Is it just me pero while watching the trailers, parang ang awkward tingnan ni Kim sa role na yan. Parang mas bagay pa tong role na ito sa mga ibang abs-cbn actresses like Maja, Erich, Empress, Shaina or JULIA MONTES (who is going to play the other lady lol) kasi tingin ko mas carry nila yung sophisticated rich girl na role from the gestures to the facial expression. Di nga lang sila kasing sikat ni Kim. I think Kim is TOO CUTE(if you get what I mean). But of course this is just an opinion so let's give Kim a chance kaya all the best for her and Coco.

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